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Tag: <span>memolane</span>

Tag: memolane

Memolane : a better, more comprehensive timeline that you can have right now.

I’m not fed up of waiting for my Facebook timeline to be enabled. Partly because I’m distinctly ambivalent about the whole thing. But mainly because I’ve already got Memolane. Memolane is a comprehensive timeline that aggregates all (or as much as you want) of your social stuff in one elegant, …

Memolane is so good it almost makes me want to join Foursquare.

It took me a while to find an alternative title for this post. “A trip down Memolane” was the first choice but an instinct, finely honed over 22 years working with ideas, told me that I might not be the first person to coin that particular phrase. Memolane (my Memolane) …