Phil Adams : Brand Strategy

Find your voice and get your story straight
Phil Adams : Brand Strategy

Phil Adams : Brand Strategy

Pragmatic brand strategy for charismatic brands

I am a brand strategy consultant with over thirty years of experience in advertising and digital marketing agencies.

I work with organisations to find their voice and get their stories straight.

I specialise in brand strategy for b2b and service organisations. The best b2b and service brands are a sincere reflection of the culture behind them, and I’m good at interpreting culture.

We’re likely to hit it off if the following statements apply to you:

  • You’ll only take advice from someone who really gets you and your organisation.
  • There’s something special about your company and your brand isn’t doing it justice.
  • You don’t go in for highfalutin strategy.
  • You like clarity, precision, and simplicity.

These are my views on client service.

This is my approach to giving advice.

Some thoughts on getting your story straight.

Some thoughts on not going through the motions with brand values.

You get the need for brand advice but will your brand adviser get you?  (brand strategy)