Phil Adams : Brand Strategy

Find your voice and get your story straight
Phil Adams : Brand Strategy

Phil Adams : Brand Strategy

Lowfalutin® brand strategy for b2b and service businesses.

  • Your customer relationships are strong, but your first impressions are weak.
  • You have a great story to tell, but it’s not coming across in your comms.
  • Your culture is great, but there’s not enough of your character in your marketing.

Does this “problem stack” feel familiar? The symptoms are painful. Your website makes warm leads colder. Your marketing has lost its voice. You need to get your story straight.

Your brand needs, your brand deserves, more charisma.

But you’re wary because you want to work with advisers who get you. Most of them don’t. Most of them don’t bother. I do. I don’t have a fancy framework for this, but I do have a knack.

Happy clients often remark on how I got them before I advised them.

I’m a brand strategy consultant with over thirty years of experience in advertising and digital marketing agencies.

How can I help you?
  • I mostly work on brand strategy, including brand positioning, brand frameworks, brand values, messaging, storytelling, and verbal identity.
  • I mostly work with founders and leaders of b2b and service businesses. The best b2b and service brands are a sincere reflection of the culture behind them. They need to be got.
  • I sometimes advise on marketing strategy.
  • I sometimes do training work.
  • I occasionally work with agencies on advertising planning, strategy training, and pitch consultancy.
  • Very occasionally I’ve been asked to write website copy by clients who thought I really got them.
These are things I’m uncommonly good at:
  • Asking good questions.
  • Listening. (Everyone says that, but not everyone has their ability to listen frequently remarked upon.)
  • Understanding organisational culture and applying it to comms.
  • Keeping things clear, simple, and precise (a lowfalutin approach.)
  • Setting brands up to be charismatic.
  • Brand strategy that is a joy to work with for creative people.
Experiences that give me a different perspective on brand strategy:

Some thoughts on getting your story straight.

Some thoughts on not going through the motions with brand values.

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