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Memolane : a better, more comprehensive timeline that you can have right now.

Memolane : a better, more comprehensive timeline that you can have right now.

I’m not fed up of waiting for my Facebook timeline to be enabled.

Partly because I’m distinctly ambivalent about the whole thing.

But mainly because I’ve already got Memolane.

Memolane is a comprehensive timeline that aggregates all (or as much as you want) of your social stuff in one elegant, intuitive place.

“All” includes Facebook. But it also includes Twitter, flickr, RSS feeds, Instagram etc. etc. etc etc.

More details on what it is and how it works here.

My first reaction to Facebook announcing its timeline was that it was a blatant Memolane rip-off and potential Memolane killer.

On reflection Memolane is so much more than the Facebook timeline is (at the time of writing) cracked up to be. The Memolane CEO came to a similar reflective conclusion if this blog post is anything to go by.

As well as being more comprehensive than Facebook in terms of its sources, Memolane has useful additional functionality.

You can share and embed (see above).

And you can collaborate with other users to create Memolane stories.

I’ve been a fan of Memolane for a while and I’m glad that they and I both believe that it can co-exist alongside Facebook’s much vaunted, but as yet undelivered, “Memolane-lite” alternative.

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