Find your voice and get your story straight
Phil Adams : Brand Strategy



Your clients are overjoyed with your service. But your prospects are underwhelmed by your brand. It happens a lot and I can fix it.

You want your brand to be easy to understand, easy to believe in, and easy to work with.

Therefore you want brand advice that’s easy to understand, easy to believe in, and easy to work with.

And it follows that you want a brand adviser who’s easy to understand, easy to believe in, and easy to work with.

The last thing you want is some pretentious pontificator with a PhD in overcomplicating things. High-handed and highfalutin isn’t your style. It’s not mine either.

Lowfalutin is the opposite of highfalutin. I give brand advice that’s simple, direct, and pragmatic.

Lowfalutin® is a registered trademark of the company through which I provide my services.

Lowfalutin in practice

Lowfalutin is:

  • Simple concepts, expressed clearly and precisely.
  • Not taking anything for granted, even if it means asking apparently naive questions.
  • Listening well.
  • Getting you, your culture, your customers, and your brand.
  • Using over thirty years of experience to cut to the chase.
  • Not calling something a strategy unless it behaves like a strategy.
  • Anticipating and addressing your concerns before you have to say anything.
  • Good writing.
  • Only making promises I know I can keep.

We’re likely to hit it off if:

  • Your business is really good at what it does.
  • You’re the ultimate decision maker.
  • You’ll let me talk to your clients or customers.
  • You don’t go in for highfalutin strategy.
  • When you pay for advice, you expect to know exactly what to do next.
  • You’re looking for a tailored approach.
  • You’re more concerned with the value of wisdom than the price of advice.
  • You pay on time.

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