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My daughter’s first photography commission.

My daughter’s first photography commission.

I called this blog Sawdust because the stuff I write about is intellectual sawdust from the sawmill that is my career in marketing communications.

I post here anecdotes and opinions that feel more at home on my own blog than that of my current employer.

However, until today, the header image had been a shot, taken from my kitchen, of the sun rising over Edinburgh.

A pretty shot, but little to do with Sawdust.

I don’t want to be “borrowing” somebody else’s photography for the main header image on my site so yesterday I briefed my eldest daughter to take some shots of me chainsawing dead (I repeat already dead) elm trees for firewood.

Molly is a keen photographer with, in my humble opinion, a good eye for composition. The brief was to take some shots that would afford some interesting imagery when cropped to the wide and shallow shape required by the blog theme.

I’m very pleased with the results.

(Molly’s photography. My cropping.)


  1. @campbellhowes

    Lovely images. Hope Molly is building up a nice Flickr portfolio. I was very pleased with the ones I chose for my blog – including a wonderful one of a cow taken by my mother. Sadly I think WordPress has eaten my blog. Perhaps time for a new one…

    1. phil

      Hi Kirsten. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Molly will be chuffed that someone with a more objective point of view than her dad likes the shots. In terms of portfolio she’s dabbling with flickr and Blip at the moment. Lacking a bit of confidence in her ability I think. Hope all’s well for you. Phil

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