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Hi. I’m Phil Adams.

I’ve worked with ideas for over 20 years.

Right now I’m Planning Director at a digital agency called Blonde.

(All views expressed here are my own and should not be construed as representing prejudices that I would bring to the table if you – a potential client – were to hire me/us).

(Unless of course you like what you see here.)

(In which case these are exactly the views and prejudices that would make me/us incredibly effective on your behalf.)

Prior to Blonde I worked in “trad” advertising in London and Edinburgh (BBH & The Leith Agency) on brands like IRN-BRU, Cadbury, Shell, Standard Life, Honda, Grolsch and Phileas Fogg.

Some stuff on this blog is related to what I do in my professional life, but sits more comfortably here than elsewhere. It’s the sawdust from the sawmill.

Other stuff, like the book reviews, is me writing because I like writing.

(About other people’s writing.)





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