This page is about the values that underpin my brand consultancy work. My career details are on my LinkedIn profile.

In no particular order:

  • I studied as an engineer. I like to get under the bonnet of things and properly understand how they work. I’ll happily ask naive questions to get me there.
  • I like the sound of other people’s voices more than my own. I listen well.
  • I am a pedant when it comes to clarity of expression and precise use of language. Quality control often boils down to these two issues.
  • I am deeply suspicious of marketing metaphors. We are all drawn to soothing constructs such as a customer journey or a conversion funnel. But are these solid strategic frameworks or exercises in wishful thinking?
  • My presentations are presentations. My written documents are written documents. I don’t use one file to do both jobs.
  • When I managed people in agencies, my greatest pleasures were learning from folk smarter than me, and seeing someone on the team have a better idea than me.
  • My instinct is always to simplify things. I’m pretty good at it.
  • I take pride in making my clients look good.

Here are some short posts on specific topics.

At your service.

What I believe about brands.

Taking my advice.

As well as being a brand consultant I am co-founder and director of a not-for-profit production company, All Hands On, that makes documentary films about innovations in direct democracy. 

And I am Chair of Puppet Animation Scotland, a regularly funded organisation that nurtures artists and promotes subversive storytelling art forms.