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One of those social media serendipity stories.

One of those social media serendipity stories.


Once upon a time I wrote this post about collective superstitions.

I talked about the George & Lynne cartoon strip from The Sun newspaper, how it was linked to the fortunes of my college football team, and how I found this website selling original George & Lynne artwork whilst researching the post.


Mike Coulter read the post and had reason (as explained in his comment) to contact the proprietor of the George & Lynne artwork website.

(Mike’s wife is an expert picture framer and Mike liked the idea of framed George & Lynne cartoons).

And, as serendipity would have it, it turns out that said proprietor attended the same college as me.


Mike very kindly gave me this cartoon, beautifully framed by Carol as a (completely unnecessary but totally lovely) thank you gift for bringing the site to his attention.

He even went as far as to choose one with a football theme, to bring this story full circle.


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