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CentUp. A good idea and an idea for good.

CentUp. A good idea and an idea for good.

This blog has a new favourite button.

CentUp is a simple, smart idea that enables small acts of kindness over the internet.

And hopefully enough people will eventually sign up to enable lots of small acts to make a big difference.

The idea is this simple…

Image borrowed from THETRENDNET (click image for link)

When you sign up for CentUp you preload your account with a minimum of $10, which equates to 1000 CentUp credits.

And whenever you see the button next to a piece of content that you like you simply click and donate a few cents (you control how many) like so…

CentUp takes 10% of each donation to cover credit card fees and grow the business. (Co-founder Len Kendall assures me that 10% is no more than they need to keep the business moving forward). The remaining 90% is split 50:50 between the publisher and the donor’s nominated charity.

As a donor my nominated charity is called Pencils Of Promise.

Click image to visit Pencils Of Promise website.

However, I shall be encouraging my favourite charity to sign up. And then I shall encourage as many local “activists” as possible to sign up to CentUp with The Sick Kids as their nominated beneficiary. Maybe a community of people working together on behalf of the same charity could generate a useful level of revenue for them.

As an F-list blogger (said he flattering himself) I’m not going to get rich quick as a CentUp publisher.

Indeed it would be great if a future version of CentUp allowed a publisher to divert 100% of donations to his or her nominated charity, because I would definitely do that.

In the meantime you should definitely create an account. It’s nice to reward the effort that goes into good content. Even better if you can reward a good cause at the same time.

Click the image below to request an invitation.

Click me.

And follow CentUp on Twitter here.

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