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Guinness has made a Honda ad.

Guinness has made a Honda ad.

Guinness has made a Honda ad.

Only the absence of a Garrison Keillor voiceover left me in any doubt when I saw it for the first time in the inordinately long sequence of ads that preceded Skyfall at the local Odeon.

Otherwise I would have bet my house on it being another Power Of Dreams execution.

But no.

It’s a “Made Of More” film for Guinness.

Made Of More is a damn good line for Guinness.

It speaks of depth and substance and enigma.

It’s a strong silent type of line.

For a strong silent type of brand.

So they got the last 3 seconds right.

But the previous 87 are all Honda.

Whimsical, optimistic, dreamy, light and fluffy.

The cloud is meant to be a metaphor for Guinness.

But it’s a metaphor for all that’s wrong about this ad for that brand.

Guinness is dark not light.

And it is dense and creamy.

Not fluffy.

Nice ad.

(Too nice).

For the wrong brand.

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