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Great clients are a finance director’s nightmare

Great clients are a finance director’s nightmare

Three little words.

Not those three little words.

These three little words.

“You’re the experts.”

When a client says these words and means them, they might as well have said “I love you”.

They might as well have said “I love you” because “you’re the experts” has a powerful emotive effect on a good agency.

You want to reward the client’s trust with something awesome.

You think about their project when you should be thinking about someone else’s.

Word that they are a great client spread’s round the office like wildfire, and other people want a piece of the action.

You over-service them.

I’ve done it myself.

I’m in the middle of doing it now as a matter of fact.

(Client X has inspired this post.)

When I was MD of The Leith Agency I saw other people do it.

The time analysis versus fee income wasn’t pretty.

But that’s the benefit of being a great client.

MD’s and FD’s worry about money and margin.

But there are more important reward currencies for account directors and planners.

Professional respect, trust, appreciation, opportunity to do something great.

Any client that pays over the odds with these things will always enjoy a good return on the investment.

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