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Digital attitude

Digital attitude

90% Tigger, 10% Eeyore.

I reckon that’s about the optimal makeup for a digital agency bod.

I like Tigger’s can-do attitude and his natural willingness to do then learn.

“Mobile apps? Woo hoo! That’s what Tiggers do best!”

“Innovative mash-ups? Oh boy oh boy! That’s what Tiggers do the best!”

In fact whatever suggestion Little Roo throws at him is what Tigger does the best.

Put two or three talented Tiggers together and you can move mountains.

So why not 100% Tigger?

What I like about Eeyore is his indefatigable attitude.

No matter how many times his house of sticks gets knocked or blown down he just shrugs his shoulders and sets about building another one.

The trouble with Eeyore is that he takes no joy in building his house.

He doesn’t set out to build the best house ever.

He doesn’t explore new exciting construction methods.

He just goes through the motions.

When I interview people, Tiggerness is probably the most important attribute I’m looking for.

You can’t fake it.

And I don’t think you can train for it either.

When you look in the mirror what percentage of Tigger and Eeyore do you see?

Image borrowed from ladybugbkt.

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