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Vinnie Jones, a good teacher who wants you to learn the hard way.

Vinnie Jones, a good teacher who wants you to learn the hard way.

My daughter’s physics teacher got her class to wrap eggs in rubber bands then throw them at the wall.

It was a sticky lesson in more ways than one. Learning by (sticky) doing meant that the lessons stuck. I only know this story because my daughter was sufficiently engaged and inspired by the lesson to tell me about it.

Good teachers make learning fun.

And Vinnie Jones makes this hard, hands-only CPR lesson lots of fun.

It’s taken 14 days but I’ve finally seen a decent TV ad in 2012.

The fun is supported by visual, audio and verbal mnemonics to ensure that we, his unruly class audience, remember and internalise the lessons – call 999, don’t kiss (of life), push this hard, push here (“on the sovereign”), push at this (Staying Alive) rhythm.

And it is underpinned by a surprising fact/insight. If you get the hands-only CPR right there is enough oxygen in the blood stream to keep someone alive until the ambulance arrives. No kiss of life needed.

The offline/online integration is well thought through, unfussy, simple and therefore probably effective. The British Heart Foundation and its agencies should be commended.

There is PPC around “Vinnie Jones”.

There is a Twitter hashtag link embedded in the YouTube video that takes you to a pre-written “share this” tweet.

And there are just the right amount of the right kind of additional information and goodies on the BHF page associated with the campaign.

This is a classy, professional, well executed piece of communication. It has a touch of the determined to be different, HHCL-at-its-best vibe to it. Grey and Glue should be proud.

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