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A letter from Innocent

A letter from Innocent

Innocent sent me a letter.

In fact they sent my 5 year old daughter Madeleine a letter.

Actually they sent her two letters.

Madeleine eats loads of vegetables but hasn’t quite got her head round the whole fruit thing just yet.

Innocent Smoothies for kids are the exception to that rule.

And they’ve been running a fridge magnet promotion.

You get three magnets, each with a nicely illustrated letter of the alphabet, in each box.

Madeleine has been collecting them and making words on the magnetic whiteboard in our kitchen.

It’s a great example of what I’d call a “parental guidance” promotion. Kid happy, parents happy.

However, despite having collected nearly 50 letters, she didn’t have the “d” she needed to spell her name.

So I sent a message to Innocent via their Twitter account saying, in the words of a very old ad campaign, that we “could do with a ‘d’.”

And yesterday it arrived.

A letter “d”.

And a nice handwritten letter addressed to Madeleine.

Two letters from Innocent.

They used to say that nothing kills a bad product quicker than a good ad.

I think there’s a similar thing going on with social media, but in reverse.

In that the cream will rise to the top.

Social media don’t make companies good, but they do help good companies to shine.

And organisations that don’t really give a shit about customers will get left behind.

Or, if they adopt social media without sorting themselves out first, they will come a cropper.

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