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Tag: <span>viral</span>

Tag: viral

Gangnam Style. More successful phenomenon than phenomenal success.

I watched Jonathan Ross interview Psy, the man behind the Gangnam Style video. A video that, at the time of writing, has had over 700,000,000 YouTube views. Not to mention over 5,000,000 likes (OMFG). He (Psy not Ross) comes across as a cool dude who’s taking the madness in his …

Word of mouth. Making jokes that people know other people will get.

Comedy depends on you sharing a set of reference points with your audience and if those are very divergent then they just won’t simply get your jokes. Helena Lewis Hasteley, Assistant Editor, New Statesman on the Radio 4 Today programme, Thursday 21st July 2011. Paul Stokes from The Daily Mash …