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Fishing for chips

I like a business that has a chip on its shoulder, as long as it’s constructive rather than corrosive. Having something to prove can be as powerful as being on a mission. Often they are the same thing.

Sometimes a founder will start a company to solve a problem they perceive in the world. They’re driven by their entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve also met founders whose companies exist to prove a point. Their entrepreneurial spirit is turbocharged with piss and vinegar. They might be righting a wrong. They might be determined to show that there’s a better way to do business in a certain sector. They could be taking the fight to entitled incumbents. Show me a challenger and I’ll probably find you a chip.

For someone like me, a chip on the corporate shoulder can be gold dust. A well-directed chip on the shoulder is a sustainable energy source for a business. And it puts fire in the belly of the brand. As a brand strategy consultant, it’s worth going fishing for chips. You know that there’s one there. It’s clearly a driving force in the business. But it might not be explicitly declared on the company’s About page.

White text on a light green background, which says, "Fishing for chips."

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