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Just enough tech.

Just enough tech.

The new Q is a spotty computer whizz.

But the only “gadgets” that he gives Bond in Skyfall are a gun and a miniature radio.

No gimmicky exploding pens or such like.

The technology means are matched to the desired ends of the mission at hand.

The new Q knows when digital means are appropriate and, more importantly, when they are not.

If the new Q were a client he wouldn’t be pestering his agencies to make inappropriate use of AR or QR just to be seen to be “innovative”.

If the new Q were an agency he wouldn’t waste his time flogging spurious Facebook apps when an SMS mechanic would do the job better.

I like new Q, and I think James Bond does too.

Q stands for Quartermaster. The person who makes sure that the guys on the front line have the right kit to do the job.

It looks like the United Nations in Sudan has its own version of new Q.

Someone who knows when modern technology is appropriate, but also when it isn’t.


Focus on goals not gimmicks.

Use just enough tech to get the job done.


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