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Instagram every filter project.

Instagram every filter project.

I killed time on a recent plane journey by passing a couple of photos through every Instagram filter in sequence.

In flight safe mode on my phone it saves each image to the photo library but doesn’t post them to Instagram itself.

The results can be seen to unfold in the embedded slide shows below.

The sequence for both is.


Normal + Amaro.

Normal + Amaro + Rise

Normal + Amaro + Rise + Hudson

Normal + Amaro + Rise + Hudson + X-pro II

And so on until the final sequence.

Normal + Amaro + Rise + Hudson + X-pro II + Sierra + Lo-fi + Earlybird + Sutro + Toaster + Brannan + Inkwell + Walden + Hefe + Valencia + Nashville + 1977 +Kelvin

Based on this sample of two I suspect that just about any image will tend towards a vignetted circle of light if you process it like this. Other people have done the same thing and their experience seems to back this up.

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