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Attention to detail.

Competitive agency X sent a bespoke new business mailer to Blonde client Y.

The creative thrust of said mailer was that Agency X would give its right arm to work on Client Y’s business.

And the mailer included a fake arm.

Only it wasn’t a right arm.

It was a left arm.

Client Y invited us to join in their department-wide laughter at Agency X’s expense.

Rude not to really.

And it’s too good a story not to share.

3 Responses to “Attention to detail.”

  1. blackwatertown says:

    Lovely one.

  2. bookmole says:

    falls off chair laughing

    That is definitely too good a story not to share – thanks, it made my evening.

  3. mark gorman says:

    A classic. One for the annals of history (and for telling to my students at the Conservatoire)

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