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Ads should be getting better shouldn’t they?

Ads should be getting better shouldn’t they?

As a ‘traditional’ television advertiser, faced with…

  • Media fragmentation.
  • Ad zapping technology.

…you’d think that a logical response would be to…

  • Explore alternative marketing communication models.
  • Make ads that people actually want to watch.

Well I tell you now, the latter of these two options just ain’t happening. Not based on the evidence of a rare evening of ITV viewing anyway.

There was a time when an average commercial with an average spend behind it would have a decent positive effect. Those days are going, going, if not already gone. ‘Safe’ ads are a much bigger risk than they used to be. So why are so many advertisers still churning out the same old bland, lazy, forgetable rubbish? It beggars belief.

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