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11.30 pm Heading to bed. Light on under the door to eldest daughter’s bedroom.


11.31 pm WiFi modem on. Flickering LED light indicates that bandwidth is being used. Coincidence?


11.32 pm WiFi modem switched off.


11.33 pm Light under bedroom door goes out. Assume that iPod Touch, rendered useless for the purpose of communicating with other 14 year olds by the lack of WiFi, has also been switched off. “Busted” as they say.


11.34 pm Proceed to bed. No words exchanged.

3 Responses to “At home with a digital native.”

  1. It’s great being a parent that understands the raw basis of digital communication. Having said that, I am more likely to be rumbled by my eldest (he’s only 8) than I am to rumble him. Regardless, I applaude your investigative work. I look forward to the second instalment. I caught my 8 year old searching Youtube for grubby videos and showing them to his sister. So to get him back I changed his password on his (very old) iBook. Each time he tried to log-in he got the Mac shake. Then after 3 attempts he got hiss password hint which I changed to: “Police message: You have been caught searching for illegal content. We have the house surrounded by armed police. Step away from the iBook with your hands above your head. We’re coming in.” I was watching from the kitchen. Highly amusing. Hook, line and sinker.

  2. Obviously the smily face above was unintentional. Far too mature for smily faces. Was supposed to say 8 : ) (LOL etc)

  3. blackwatertown says:

    Good post. Always good to read tales of the parent outwitting the child. Rare. But good when it happens.

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