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The most fatuous Facebook update of the year?

The most fatuous Facebook update of the year?

A bold claim I know.

But if this post on the All Facebook blog isn’t the most fatuous piece of Facebook statusness of 2011 then “I just had Shreddies for breakfast. LOL.”

All Facebook, and it’s counterpart (competitor?) Inside Facebook, usually provide a valuable early warning and insight service for any developer or marketer that deals with Facebook on a commercial basis.

But yesterday must have been a light Facebook news day.

(Actually it wasn’t because of the leak about this alleged Instagram-killer photo app, but never mind.)

A reputable Facebook blog talking about whether men talk about Facebook.

They (we) don’t.

They talk about stuff they’ve seen on Facebook.

But, unless they deal with Facebook for a living, they don’t talk about Facebook per se.

Like they (we) don’t talk about television.

We talk about stuff we’ve seen on telly. But not television per se.

Like television, Facebook must enjoy pretty close to 100% awareness in US and UK.

It’s not a “per se” talking point any more.

And not being talked about is not news.

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