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Ye Olde Curation Shoppe

Ye Olde Curation Shoppe

This blog is not immune to turn-of-year introspective reflection.

And if collating your favourite posts of the year is good enough for BBH Labs, then it’s good enough for me.

But I thought I’d do it with a bit of a twist.

The Labs guys curated the ten posts that they felt encapsulated the most important and most often recurring strategic themes of 2010.

This is a little different. I offer below my top 5 post headlines and my top 5 opening lines of 2010. Both lists are in no particular order.



None of these are necessarily my “best” posts of 2010. Indeed the two most highly read (by a mile) posts of the year are not represented here.

In my own tin-pot way I try to write, on this blog at least, like a journalist. Headlines should be engaging, yes, but primarily an accurate description of the story beneath. I don’t like cryptically “clever” headlines. Although ironically the headline for this post flirts with that territory more than I’d usually allow. And, rather than adopting a beginning/middle/end structure to blog post storytelling, I try, and sometimes succeed, to summarise the entire post in the first few lines. And I do like to start with a bang.

I’ve just flicked back through the year in posts and, if I say so myself, I think that whilst practice is certainly not making perfect it is making better. I hope I’m allowed to say something like that once a year.



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