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Underselling yourself

If your business is better than your brand, you're underselling yourself
Does your brand do justice to your business?

Under promising and over delivering is a dangerous game for b2b and service businesses. You only get the chance to over deliver if you actually win a new customer to over deliver to. And that’s less likely to happen if you’re underselling yourself. You need your brand to do justice to your business.

Your brand should represent your business at its best. When that happens, your brand makes an attractive promise to customers that your business can keep. And it gives people inside the business something realistic to aspire to.

The people who know you best, at your best, are your best and most loyal customers. Make sure you understand what they like about you, bottle it up, and serve it back with creativity to new customers or clients. It’s not necessarily easy, but it really is that simple.

I immediately took to Phil’s clear and concise approach. It cut to the core of what mattered and he appeared to ‘get us’ right from the start. He spoke our language and I got unanimous positive feedback from across the team as he interviewed people to understand our business and culture. The resultant outputs which Phil developed were the first time we felt we had our brand nailed. Our whole team bought into it and at times it was quite emotional to finally see how strong a brand we really had!

Founder & CEO – Advisory business in the telecommunications sector

If you’re worried that you’re underselling yourself, and you need some help to develop a brand that does justice to your business, drop me a line by email.

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