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Brand strategy testimonials

1. Testimonials from clients

It was a delight to work with Phil on our brand positioning project. He has a lovely way of asking the right questions at the right time. Importantly, he is a great listener too. Strategically sound, Phil collaborates in a way that will always deliver the best results.

Managing Director

I worked on brand positioning for this professional services firm. The work was important because the firm needed to get its story straight to attract the right kind of prospects and inspire confidence internally. During a workshop with the leadership team it became apparent that the business was not doing justice to itself with its existing messaging. Nor was there any consistency to how the team told its story. I conducted depth interviews with several team members and a sample group of the firm’s existing clients. As well as a new positioning I delivered a brand idea and a crisp, compelling elevator pitch for sales calls. I also distilled the brand strategy into a creative brief and supported the client’s creative supplier to generate a distinctive advertising campaign.

We needed to better communicate what we do and who we are, and we were making hard work of it ourselves. I’d seen a few things from Phil that made me think he could assist in an advisory capacity on our proposition and how we talked about ourselves. Fast-forward to a few weeks later and we had an updated website, a fresh set of credentials, and a spring in our step. If you are thinking about how to present your business in the best light, and you aren’t sure where to start or what to say, call the Phil hotline.

Founder and Managing Director

I was brought in to work on positioning, messaging, and verbal identity for this marketing services agency. The work was important because the agency was making a poor first impression on potential clients through its website and marketing collateral. I conducted interviews with several members of staff and a small sample of long-term clients. The clients spoke effusively about the agency’s smart thinking and tailored approach to problem solving. They also appreciated the agency’s straightforward manner and their greater responsiveness compared to larger agencies. By contrast, the agency’s existing messaging was anything but straightforward. They were trying too hard to impress and over-intellectualising. I stripped the messaging back to its essence and rewrote most of the website, implementing a very direct, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin verbal identity.

I have worked with a number of content writers over the years. I really enjoyed working with Phil because he brings a wealth of experience and patience that really helps get the content into the best possible shape. He is intelligent and confident in his ability, and takes the time to really understand the proposition.

Founder and Managing Director

I was hired to work on brand messaging for a start-up in the legal sector. However, I ended up writing the copy for the entire website. This is because I got under the skin of what my client was looking to achieve. I quickly got to grips with the technical language and some tricky nuances of positioning. And I almost inadvertently established a tone of voice with which my client was very comfortable. The work was important because my client is selling a subtle proposition to two distinct audiences with complementary but different needs. My clients’ clients are likely to come via referrals, and first impressions created by the website will influence the warmth of these leads.

I’ve been developing strategies for more than 15 years – and working in marketing for 25 years – and it’s rare that you encounter a training session that genuinely makes you think, reflect on the way you’ve been working and feel inspired to be better at your job. But this session was all of that and more. I’ve asked for the recording and plan to watch it again.

Senior marketer in the public sector

I delivered a training session on how it feels to develop a strategy, entitled Did I Do a Strategy? The content included five simple but profound acid tests to determine whether a strategy is indeed strategic. The work was important because many members of a large public sector communications team, including senior practitioners, were feeling ill-equipped and out on a limb whenever they were tasked with developing strategy. The presentation content was designed to be both reassuring and easy to apply, building confidence and practical skills.

We engaged Phil to take at look at where our brand was, both externally and internally.  When you’re right in amongst it, day in day out, for many years, you accumulate a lot of history and clutter. It becomes difficult to see through that smog and understand the true impact of the changes you’ve made. With Phil we got someone who quickly understood us as people and how we operate as a business. He didn’t simply pull out the checklist of what a B2B brand could have. Instead he tailored his approach and methodically cut through the smog, delivering a concise and insightful analysis of what our brand strategy could be. He is a real joy to work with. His presentations are crisp, clear and very honest. We’ve come away from the experience feeling enthused, focused and with a clear practical plan that everyone can get behind.


I worked on brand definition and brand messaging for this technology company in the travel sector. The work was important because my client’s strategy required them to attract a more sophisticated, more demanding type of customer. Existing customer relationships were exceptionally strong, but the brand presentation and brand storytelling were not sharp enough to create the right first impressions on these new customers. The success of this project depended on understanding the culture of the company, and on delivering a very simple, very pragmatic brand framework with worked examples, so that the client could implement the recommendations without further input from me.

"Your business has a special sauce but you don't know the recipe." Testimonials page.

I always feel safe working with Phil. Nothing will go wrong.

Project Director

I worked on brand definition as a precursor to the design and build of a new website for a rapidly growing, international, b2b FinTech company. The work was important because it was as much about senior stakeholder management as it was about brand strategy. I conducted depth interviews with the CEO and with board members responsible for several business functions in several countries. The output was a lightweight and high-fidelity brand framework that makes the company attractive to potential clients and recruits, and which is easy to work with for both in-house marketing people and agencies.

Having been through brand development sessions in the past, we needed some convincing to do this again to be honest. But Phil came highly recommended and the first meeting convinced me that this time around it would be different.

Founder & CEO

I worked on brand definition, a brand identity brief, and brand storytelling. The work was important because the management team felt that they had been misunderstood by previous advisers and that the brand had been done to them, not for them. As ever with b2b and service business branding, the ability to read and codify the organisation’s culture was a crucial aspect of the job.

Phil demonstrated to us that he truly did understand who we were and what we wanted to achieve as a business. One of our partners commented after his first presentation, ‘You just get us,’ which pretty much summed up our response. We were hugely impressed with the professionalism he applied to the task and we’re delighted with the outcome.

Managing Partner

I worked on brand definition, a brand identity brief, and verbal identity guidelines. The work was important because as well as underpinning a much-needed brand reboot, this was a flagship project for a new generation of senior management. I replaced six brand values which no one could remember with two values that are impossible to forget. The brand is now a source of pride, and is a pragmatic decision-influencing tool for business development and recruitment.

I think it takes a lot to understand an organisation, even a small one, and at the very least you need to be open to what we are trying to do and what the founders have built. You captured our spirit and your recommendations built on something I think they perhaps forgot was there. I thought it was exceptional.

Senior Consultant

I worked on brand definition. The work was important because the business was moving quickly and its brand had been left behind. There was a feeling that the company had lost its voice. I helped them to feel good about themselves again. It was an exercise in branding as corporate body language.

Sometimes you are faced with projects that feel daunting, complex and impenetrable. As interesting as you know they will be, tackling and starting them feels like a big step when you’re in the mood for little ones. But then there’s Phil. He has the very rare ability of being able to demystify and distill complex challenges and stories into simple, highly compelling ones that always make a difference. 

Board Director

I worked on project storytelling and communication strategy. The work was important because intellectually challenging subject matter needed to be made accessible and compelling to three audiences with varying degrees of knowledge. I acted as an interpreter between the project lead and his target groups. I created a storytelling toolkit for the project and wrote the creative brief from which all promotional material was developed.

I immediately took to Phil’s clear and concise approach. It cut to the core of what mattered and he appeared to ‘get us’ right from the start. He spoke our language and I got unanimous positive feedback from across the team as he interviewed people to understand our business and culture. The resultant outputs which Phil developed were the first time we felt we had our brand nailed. Our whole team bought into it and at times it was quite emotional to finally see how strong a brand we really had!

Founder & CEO

I worked on brand definition and brand storytelling. The work was important because I created a project environment and process whereby the management team felt that they wholly owned the output. My role was to draw out and structure the wisdom of the group. Branding as a collective act of realisation.

2. Testimonials from partners and suppliers

Almost none of my friends, and definitely none of my clients, pay as fast as Phil does. He’s ridiculously meticulous at making you feel valued.

SEO Consultant

I commissioned some technical SEO advice. If cashflow allows I pay freelance suppliers immediately.

Phil gives you smart, straightforward insights that are perfect for any creative or client.

Creative/Design Director

I commissioned some visual identity design work. An advantage of having worked in agencies for 30 years is that I understand and respect creative people. I know how to develop brand and creative strategy that is a pleasure to execute.

Working with Phil is a rare treat. His strategic insights into projects and clients make the creative process a dream, allowing the designs to flourish.

Design Director

I commissioned some visual identity design work. As above in terms of working with creative people.

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