Here are some ways in which I might make myself useful. This list is not exhaustive but it should give you an idea of my range. If your brief or problem is not explicitly referenced here please ask. Send me an email with your specific requirements. Thank you.

Brand as precursor to website/marketing refresh

You are a CEO or Managing Partner. Your business has changed or grown and your brand has not kept up. You need to reboot the way your business presents itself to the world. You need someone who understands how brands work, and how to apply them to digital spaces.

Brand for experience design

You are the senior CX decision maker in your organisation. Your experience design is optimised for the customer at every touchpoint, but it lacks character and distinctiveness. You need someone who can interpret brand values into desirable brand behaviours that enhance and differentiate journeys and interactions.

Brand definition

You are a CEO or company founder. Your brand is simply not working for you. It is not strategic. It is hard to interpret for communications. It is useless as a tool to manage culture and people. Perhaps your brand proposition is convoluted. Or you have too many brand values for anyone to remember. Maybe your tone of voice guidelines are too open to interpretation (most are). You need someone who can give your brand a pragmatic reboot.

Pitch doctor

You are an agency CEO or MD. You’re realising that being too busy is not actually a nice problem to have. You might have to decline what would normally be a dream new business opportunity. You need an experienced planner to slot straight into a pitch team, attend the client briefing, put some structure on your pitch story, write a brief, and work with your creatives to, well, nail it.

Branding for technology companies

You are a senior manager or founder of a technology company. You have a great product, a great team and a great culture. You realise that you need an equally great brand to do justice to it all. You want a brand that makes you more attractive to potential customers, employees and investors. You need a brand doctor who understands your world and who works well with senior stakeholders.

Creative brief training

You are head of a client’s in-house agency, or you are an agency CSO, and you want to run some external training on how to write better creative briefs. You need someone who knows creative strategy, and who understands creative people, to work with you on sessions that are tailored to raise the game of your team, according to your specific requirements.