Find your voice and get your story straight
Phil Adams : Brand Strategy


Finding your brand’s voice and getting its story straight

It’s impressive when someone clearly knows what they’re about. The same goes for brands. And that’s what I do. I help brands know and express what they’re about.

This is what I do.
  • I mostly work on brand strategy, including brand positioning, messaging, storytelling, and tone of voice.
  • I sometimes advise on marketing strategy.
  • I mostly work with founders and leaders of b2b and service businesses.
  • I occasionally work with agencies on advertising planning, strategy training, and pitch consultancy.
These are things I’m uncommonly good at.
  • Asking good questions.
  • Listening. (Everyone says that, but not everyone has their ability to listen frequently remarked upon.)
  • Understanding and interpreting organisational culture.
  • Keeping things clear, simple, and precise.
  • Setting brands up to be charismatic.
  • Brand strategy that is a joy to work with for creative people.

If your business is better than your brand you're underselling yourself. (Phil Adams)

These are things that give me a different perspective

Here are my views on how brands work.

Here’s a post about getting more than you bargain for when you hire me.