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Month: <span>November 2012</span>

Month: November 2012

Gangnam Style. More successful phenomenon than phenomenal success.

I watched Jonathan Ross interview Psy, the man behind the Gangnam Style video. A video that, at the time of writing, has had over 700,000,000 YouTube views. Not to mention over 5,000,000 likes (OMFG). He (Psy not Ross) comes across as a cool dude who’s taking the madness in his …

When life really is a pitch. Obama’s staff meeting.

I hate having to go straight back to work after a pitch presentation. You’ve worked late nights and weekends. You’ve had emotional highs and lows that have tested and ultimately strengthened relationships with colleagues. And, despite being physically drained, you collectively manage one last adrenaline-fuelled summit push for the presentation …