My first Storify story

I finally got to play with my new Storify beta invitation. Unfortunately the embed option works on self-hosted WordPress blogs, but not here on So you can read my first Storify story here. And you can see it embedded, along with my initial observations, in the Blonde blog here. …

Central Asia in an ambulance. Mongol Rally 2010.

Herewith a musical slideshow with some edited highlight’s from this summer’s Mongol Rally shenanigans. Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan (again), Russia (again), Mongolia. Dead animals, dead tanks, dead cars, dead ends. Really, really bad roads. And some really good new friends. Still working out what it all meant.

The Chronicles of Narnia – A Facebook morality tale (as told on Twitter).

On the occasion of Facebook Places going live in the UK (17th September 2010 for posterity) an ex-colleague and I had the Twitter conversation which is played out below for your entertainment and edification. And the moral of this story? I dunno. Why not suggest one? (Also available on Slideshare).

Mongol sabbatical

Just back from a month of Mongol Rally action, driving a second hand ambulance nearly 9,000 miles through lots of countries ending in “stan” for the hell of it and to raise money for various charities. Lots of deserts, lots of weird and wonderful experiences, and some very good new …