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Russell Davies talked about the “machinery of government”. Steve Hilton talked about the “machinery of political funding” in the States. They were talking at the APG’s brilliant Strategy vs Robots conference at the Royal Institution. But they weren’t talking about technology. They were talking about how things get done. Machinery is a catch-all term for […]

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Just enough tech.

The new Q is a spotty computer whizz. But the only “gadgets” that he gives Bond in Skyfall are a gun and a miniature radio. No gimmicky exploding pens or such like. The technology means are matched to the desired ends of the mission at hand. The new Q knows when digital means are appropriate […]

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Digital Magic

I was very much taken by this post by Mike Arauz. It spoke to me. In fact it spoke to the reason that I joined a specialist digital agency after 19 years in advertising. Mike talks about how digital technology lets you do clever tricks. And about how ad agencies tend to be good at […]

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